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Solar Panel Installation in Estonia


Scientists estimate that to the ground falls so large amount of solar energy that area the size of Estonia, would be enough to meet the energy needs of the world. Or, if you use the time factor, if you manage to catch all the energy from the sun reaching the ground, the earth could be one and a half hours of sunshine to ensure that the annual energy needs. Unfortunately, today science fiction includes such ideas.

1 kW solar panels produce 900 kW in year


It is known that Germany's largest solar energy producer in the world, it is located roughly 50 percent of the world's solar power plants. If you compare the productivity of solar power in Germany and Estonia, it is quite similar. Central Germany and Estonia is one of 900 kW solar panels productivity kWh per year. Our characteristic is that during the winter months here in summer time the sun's energy compared to nearly eight times less, but it compensates for the ambient temperature is lower than average. The latter, in turn, increases the productivity of solar panels.

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Solar Panel Installation

Micro-generation plant design, engineering and installation of your residential or office building. "Turnkey" solutions.


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